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Our mind about industry : quality and sustainability

Cyrille Champagne

Founder and general manager

“With over 15 years’ experience in China, I have performed thousands of audits and supported hundreds of companies to progress in the areas of social, environmental and quality issues.

I felt in love with China, keeping a part of my heart in France where I was born. Shared between this two really different cultures, I understand and I am definitely convinced that efficiency in supporting communities and companies toward progress implies a perfect comprehension of the local cultures.

I work now on instilling in my team and among my partners this breath of multiculturalism and mutual understanding that are Responsabilitas’ strength.

I have set up Responsabilitas few years ago and today, I am proud that we are a team gathering the best values and skills to grow with you, for the best, for people, for planet.”

Our values

What happens when experts in industry, quality and sustainability meet after having travelled the world. Together they decide to make it better. It is the story of our values. The common values of people from everywhere for people everywhere.

Make Safe – Make Fair – Make Well…

…is our motto, the words that drive us in our everyday work.

We truly believe that a safe industry for the people and the planet will easily lead to a fairer industry. Be fairer in industry is the key to get the best involvement of everyone for a better world. That is our way of thinking : bring everyone to share the same purpose, to protect its fellows and the planet, you can be sure you will have the best industry and the best product.

It is our conception of producing well, it is our mission and this is how we have chosen to strive for it.

To Build Industry and People

Build Industry for People

Our daily work is entirely guided by the desire to create a new industry, fair, safe and good, for everyone, from the worker to the consumer.

At the other end of the planet

but always close to you

Responsabilitas build bridges between cultures, between potentials and expectations, between producers and buyers, between people. So at each end of a bridge there is a member of our team who pledge to stay the closest to you and to offer the most adapted services.

Move the good skills into

the good causes

We know we support good causes supporting our clients and parnters. So we ensure to remain at the cutting edge of knowledge in health, safety, environement in working conditions. The secret of our integrity ? We constantly re-evaluate ourselves in a scientific approach. Robustness but no rigidity because values are not sufficient to describe human complexity.


They work for the change

An intercultural  team that truly understand the field issues

A question about our work and the way to improve your supply chain ?

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Make safe – Make fair – Make well

Responsabilitas, your complete support towards a better supply chain

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Make safe, make fair, make well

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