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To be an expert in a given field is not a permanent state. You always have to challenge and question yourself, to learn, to think and to seek for newness and progress.

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China’s Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations Take Shape

China’s drive to develop a more ecologically considerate manufacturing industry has been gaining momentum since an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implementation plan was unveiled in…

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Environmental regulation
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Another brick in China’s environmental policy wall

Following the implementation in 2015 of the Environment Protection Law, called “the strictest environmental law in Chinese history”, the Chinese government has issued and revised…

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2018: going towards successful partnerships

The average lifespan of the companies has dropped from 60 years in 1950’s to under 20 years today. The rise of technology, provoking fast changes…

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New rules on pollutants discharge in China

In conjunction with the series of environmental inspections, a new regulation for the Pollutants Discharge Permit (PDP) is coming into enforcement this year. This new…

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Waste boat satirical drawing
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China is no longer willing to recycle your waste

China began importing waste as early as the 1980’s to deal with a shortage of raw materials. However, over the years it has gradually became…

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Are you prepared for the new trend of Chinese environmental policy?

The recent environmental inspections may just be a beginning. The 4th series of environmental inspections by the central government was launched on mid-august and lasted…

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rana plaza law in france
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The “Rana Plaza” law in France

“A historic step for the protection of human rights and the environment, a strong signal for Europe and the world”. On 24 April 2013, in…

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time to change
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Time to change

After 5 years, under the impulse of the new team members, Responsabilitas re-invents itself with a brand-new identity. It is not just a change of…

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