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To be an expert in a given field is not a permanent state. You always have to challenge and question yourself, to learn, to think and to seek for newness and progress.

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WE ARE HIRING!      At Responsabilitas we provide audit, consulting, and training services : we are dedicated to increasing the performance of the supply…

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Join us as our CEO Cyrille Champagne moderates the panel about how new technologies are redefining our approaches to sustainability challenges. Register

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INNOV’ACTION – April 2020 newsletter

The first edition of INNOV’ACTION newsletter from Responsabilitas is available to be downloaded ! In this period of the COVID-19 crisis, Responsabilitas focused first on…

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Responsabilitas end of year highlights

As the Chinese lunar calendar transitions from the year of the dog to the year of the pig, the team at Responsabilitas would like to…

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Decharge permit
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New features for the pollutant discharge permit in China

It has been more than a year that the new Pollutant Discharge Permit Regulation was implemented. By the end of 2020, Chinese government plan to…

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Supervision Waste
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Why is waste disposal supervision impacting the whole industry?

The first round of follow-up inspections from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) ended last month with 22,561 companies requested to take corrective actions.…

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4 steps to start with social and environmental monitoring of your suppliers

If you source products from foreign factories you have probably been performing quality audits for a while. This helps you guarantee your expected quality level. …

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A short story of CSR

On the 20th June Responsabilitas had the chance to give a conference at the prestigious Salle Vendôme of l’Ecole des Mines Paris. Professor Aggeri, from…

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Shut down
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Chinese authorities operating an inspection follow-up round

Following the first round of environmental inspections from 2015 to 2017 in China, the central environmental is now coming back to the factories. Checking progress…

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