New features for the pollutant discharge permit in China

Decharge permit

New features for the pollutant discharge permit in China

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It has been more than a year that the new Pollutant Discharge Permit Regulation was implemented. By the end of 2020, Chinese government plan to deliver the new version of discharge permit to all 32 industries. It started with highly polluting industries, such as dying, tanning, paper, electroplating in 2017. This year, the regulation expanded to sectors like ceramics, steel, iron and other metal smelting. Finally by the end of 2019, the new version will cover battery and automobile manufacturing.

A whole management system upgrade

Behind the new version of discharge permit, lies a whole management system upgrade. Factories that discharge pollutants directly and indirectly into the environment should apply for a discharge permit online on the National Discharge Permit Management Platform. They have the responsibility to regularly monitor and declare their discharge amount on their own on the platform . Therefore the national platform will allow the Ministry of Ecology Environment to manage in a more unified way. But the real change is that it also makes the information accessible to the public. Overall it is expected to make the fighting against underlying and illegal discharge more efficient.

The new version of the discharge permit features a QR code

In order to make the information conveniently accessible, the new version of the discharge permit features a QR code. Scanning it gives you access to the related factory’s information including the main pollutants type in the air and the water, the discharge volumes and frequency and the applicable national discharge standard. The web page also shows a satellite map with the factory’s exact location and neighbors. You can clearly see if it is located in a protected or residential area.

Besides, you can also click on the different subsections to see more detailed information including

  • standards for pollutants in air emission
  • standards for pollutant in waste water
  • Self-monitoring requirements
  • Execution report requirements
  • Information publication requirements
  • Environmental management records requirements
  • other requirements

So next time you visit a supplier, why not taking a minute to scan the QR code of its discharge permit and have a look?

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